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ErdeDuengerSamen Erde Wasserpflanzenerde 20l A859

Floragard aquatic plant and pond soil is a ready-to-use and extra heavy special soil for planting plant baskets and pond bottoms. Due to its special combination of active ingredients, nutrient content and pH value, it is precisely tailored to the needs of your water lilies and other demanding aquatic plants. Furthermore, the growth of algae is reduced. The more than 100 years of experience of Floragard Vertriebs-GmbH flows into the development of this special soil. Balanced doses of ingredients offer the best conditions for the healthy and safe growth of your plants. Clay granules ensure a long-term stable structure. The roots of the aquatic plants can develop optimally. Vital clay gives the earth a high weight. It improves the buffering of the soil so that water and nutrients are stored economically and released to the roots of aquatic plants as needed. This allows for a long, healthy plant life. The coordinated nutrient content and the low pH value reduce the growth of algae.

Wasserpflanzenerde 20l