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ErdeDuengerSamen Erde zitruserde und Mediterran20 A857

Our best for lime, orange, lemon, oleander & co! This is the low-peat Floragard citrus and Mediterranean plant soil. Selected starting materials with a high proportion of clay granules and the combination of a high-quality multi-nutrient fertilizer and extra iron chelate form the modern recipe. The ready-to-use citrus and Mediterranean potting soil ensures healthy growth, ripe fruit and magnificent flowers on the balcony and terrace when potting and repotting typical Mediterranean plants.

Floragard - Quality and experience for more than 100 years
The premium compound fertilizer has an immediate and long-lasting effect. The plants are supplied with all main and trace nutrients for up to 6 weeks thanks to the particularly high and easily plant-available fertilizer content of the Floragard citrus and Mediterranean plant soil and show strong and healthy growth right from the start.
Xylitol ensures good long-term structural stability
Clay granules optimize the water and air supply and aeration of the roots.
Iron chelate ensures a healthy green coloring of the foliage.

zitruserde und Mediterran20