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ErdeDuengerSamen Erde Aussaaterde 70l A854

Ready-to-use special soil for lime-sensitive ericaceous plants
Also ideal for soil care in ericaceous plants
Excellent peat qualities facilitate the water supply
Strong and vital plants thanks to the valuable natural fertilizer guano
Secure nutrient supply thanks to the optimal proportion of premium fertilizer

Floragard Rhodohum is a ready-to-use special soil for planting lime-sensitive rhododendrons, azaleas, ericas, camellias and other ericaceous plants. Floragard Rhodohum is also ideal for soil care in ericaceous plants. Due to the special combination of active ingredients, it is tailored to the needs of lime-sensitive plants with its nutrient content and low pH value

The selected, high-quality peat qualities give the soil excellent water-retaining power and make it easier to supply your plants with water, especially in the summer months.

The organic natural fertilizer Guano ensures an effective and long-lasting supply of nutrients to the plants. In addition, soil life is activated in a natural way. Your plants are vital, grow stronger and bloom longer.

The premium fertilizer supplies the plants with all the important main and trace nutrients for strong and long-lasting plant growth for up to 6 weeks.

The low pH provides the natural soil conditions that ericaceous plants need. It optimizes the nutrient supply and ensures healthy growth.

Aussaaterde 70l