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Gesamte Liste aller Magnolia mit Inventarangaben

Laufnummer Pflanzenname Beschreibung 125/ 150 150/ 175 175/ 200 200/ 225 225/ 250 250/ 275 275/ 300 300/ 325 325/ 350 350/ 375 375/ 400 400/ 450 450/ 500 500/ 600 C1,3 C1,3 big / C2.0 C2.5 C3 C3.5 / C4 C4.5 / C5 C7.5 C10
M1 Magnolia acuminata M1
M2 Magnolia acuminata Blue M2

(Botanic Garden Karlsruhe)

M3 Magnolia acuminata Butterflies M3

Neatly shaped tree with deep yellow, truly precocious flowers. Ten to fourteen tepals, stames red. (acuminata Fertile Myrtle x denudata Sawada`s Cream)

1 1 1 2 1 1 1 4 12 10 3
M4 Magnolia acuminata DC 4 M4

Larger darker yellow than Elizabeth

M5 Magnolia acuminata Elizabeth M5

Large clear primrose-yellow flowers. AGM

2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 20 18 1 11 9
M6 Magnolia acuminata Fertile Myrtle M6

a neat, narrow grower selected by Phil Savage.

M7 Magnolia acuminata Goldfinch M7

Very early light yellow flowers. Tall and graceful, single trunk habit. (subcordata Miss Honeybee x denudata Sawada`s Cream)

M8 Magnolia acuminata Goldstar M8

A deciduous , densely branched ,symmetrical shrup with star shaped, yellow flowers and bronzy new growth. (acuminata Miss Honeybee x stellata Rubra)

3 1
M9 Magnolia acuminata Golden Crown M9

very deep yellow, late flowering, upright growth. (Woodsman x Sundance),

M10 Magnolia x brooklynensis Golden Girl M10

similar to Woodsman, but differs from that cultivar by having a light yellow color throughout the flower with the exception of a light purple streak on the back sides of each tepal. It is very hardy.

M11 Magnolia acuminata Golden Glow M11

a fine, free flowering, upright growing clone with bright golden yellow flowers

M12 Magnolia acuminata Golden Glow x Miss Honeybee M12

This vigorous hybrid has very deep yellow flowers of good size.

2 2
M13 Magnolia x brooklynensis Hattie Carthan M13

A hybrid with tulip like, bright yellow blooms having a magenta-purple basal flush and stripe on the tepal backs. (Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Evamaria' x Magnolia x brooklynensis 'BBC#209')

M14 Magnolia acuminata Koban Dori M14

(Golden Plate Bird) (Nakamura, Japan)

1 2 1 1 2 2
M15 Magnolia acuminata Large Yellow M15

Remarkable large yellow flowers

M16 Magnolia acuminata Laser M16

16-ploid, colchicine treated (Kehr)

4 2
M17 Magnolia acuminata Moegi Dori M17

(Yellow Green Bird) (Nakamura)

M18 Magnolia acuminata Patriot M18

acuminata 8N = Very hardy and late flowering hybrids. The flowers are small and yellowish green in color.

M19 Magnolia acuminata Seiju M19

Blue Eternity (Nakamura)

M20 Magnolia acuminata Sundance M20

Creamy yellow blooms, rather flat flowers.It is one of the largest flowered yellows available. Very Hardy. (acuminata x denudata).

M21 Magnolia acuminata Yellow Bird M21

Large deep yellow flowers, a good tulip-shaped form. It blooms at an early age. (acuminata x brooklynensis Evamaria).

2 2 2 1 1 1 1 4 3 4
M22 Magnolia acuminata Yellow Fever M22

Large fragrant light yellow flowers with a light pink flush on the outside of the tepals. The yellow colour of the flowers fades to a creamy yellow after opening if the weather is warm. Flowers appear before the foliage. A large fast-growing tree.

5 3
M23 Magnolia acuminata Yellow Lantern M23

Large lemon yellow flowers, tulip-shaped and very long lasting.Very fertile and good breeder. (subcordata x soulangeana Alexandrina)

M24 Magnolia Toro M24

(.acum. 'Fertile Myrtle' x M.xsoul.'Picture), Savage, USA

M25 Magnolia acuminata x sargentiana var. Robusta M25

Very vigorous and handsome

M26 Magnolia Flamingo M26

= nr 349 Brilliant unfading flamingo pink flowers are borne slightly before the leaves unfurl. Extremely cold hardy, it forms a densely foliated, very symmetrical, pyramidal tree. ( acum.'Fertile Myrtle' x spreng.var.'Diva'), Savage, USA

3 1 1
M27 Magnolia acuminata var. subcordata Ellen M27

Beautifully variegated leaves, Arnold Arboretum, USA

11 3
M28 Magnolia acuminata var. subcordata Miss Honeybee M28

a vigorous clone produces large, fragrant flowers that are bright yellow .

2 1 2
M29 Magnolia acuminata var. Subcordata x denudata Carlos M29

Large yellow-green flowers

4 6 8 3
M30 Magnolia amoena M30

=nr323 K32NA 60703 SAS R (SAT 88076)(Univ. Botanical garden, Vancouver, BC, Canada) Original scions collected in 1988 in Huangshan, China

M31 Magnolia salicifolia Horstmann M31

not biondii

M32 Magnolia x brooklynensis M32

this is the grex name for the group of hybrids between Magnolia acuminata and Magnolia liliiflora which was originally performed at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (acuminata x liliiflora)

M33 Magnolia acuminata x brooklinensis M33


M34 Magnolia x brooklynensis Evamaria M34

Flowers magenta rose on the outside with some trace of yellow-green on buds. Pale pink within. Pretty.

M35 Magnolia x brooklynensis KO 1 M35

A little brighter than Woodsman. (Joe McDaniel)

2 2
M36 Magnolia x brooklynensis Woodsman M36

Flowers with unusual green-yellow to purple and chocolate shades. A moderately strong upright grower. Late blooming, hardy. (acuminata x liliflora O`Neill)

M37 Magnolia biondii M37

Delightful, lemon scented, deciduous shrup or tree with white flowers having a pink flush at their base.

M38 Magnolia acuminata x brooklinensis Ultimate Yellow M38

Yellow flowers, 6 ins diam., open-cupped, slightly green on outer surface. Flowers as leaves appear. (acuminata x x brooklynensis) Heineman USA

M39 Magnolia acuminata Sundance M39

Pentaploid (10x), larger flowers than Sundance.

M40 Magnolia acuminata x brooklinensis Woodsmann x Sundance M40


1 2
M41 Magnolia campbellii var. mollicomata Charles Raffill Simpson form M41

Flowering later than campbellii but with richer solid pink cup and saucer flower. (NZ)

M42 Magnolia campbellii var. mollicomata Como M42

Has extremly large flowers cup and saucer shaped, white with mauve-pink-base (NZ)

M43 Magnolia acuminata Sun Ray M43

Sundance with doubled chromosomes, the blooms are larger in size and deeper yellowthan those of 'Sundance'. It also has larger leaves and thicker stems. (Kehr)

M45 Magnolia campbellii M45

A robust ,deciduous tree having cup saucer shaped, fragrant, bright pink flowers.FCC.

M46 Magnolia campbellii Betty Jessel M46

A remarkable, late flowering seedling of ' Darjeeling' that has exceptionaliy beautiful , large, bright pink to crimson colored blooms. Named by Sir George Jessel after his wife. AM, FCC

2 3 7 1
M47 Magnolia Caerhays Surprise M47

Very attractive with deep red-purple buds which open into large star-shaped flowers with narrow lilac-pink tepals, produced freely on young trees. (campbellii var. mollicomata x liliiflora Nigra) AM

6 2
M48 Magnolia campbellii x mollicomata Charles Raffill M48

Huge clear deep rose pink bowl-shaped blooms, white within. AM, FCC, AGM.

1 1 1
M49 Magnolia Charles Raffill x denudata M49
M50 Magnolia campbellii M50

Collected Wild in Bhutan

M51 Magnolia campbellii Darjeeling M51

An exceptional form related to the mollicomata group, so it flowers younger.Deep rose-crimson outer surfaces with colour extending to upper surfaces and gradually paling to white along the tepal centres.

10 2 3
M52 Magnolia Early Rose M52

Deep rosy purple flowers with white inner surfaces, cup and saucer saped. Sister seedling to Star Wars. Flowers when young. (campbellii x liliiflora) Blumhardt, NZ

M53 Magnolia campbellii Eric Walther M53

Blooms abundantly, 12 tepals, flowers rose pink.

M54 Magnolia campbellii Ethel Hilller M54

Very large flowers, petals white with a faint pink centre.

1 1 1
M55 Magnolia campbellii x mollicomata Kew’s Surprise M55

Large flowers, rich pink outside.Produced on younger trees. A sister seedling to Charles Raffill, although not quite as dark, remarkable cup and saucer shape. (Charles Raffill group) FCC

1 2 1 6 5 7
M56 Magnolia campbellii Köln M56

Very nice and hardy in Cologne

M57 Magnolia campbellii Lamellen M57

A good pink selection from Lamellen Garden, Cornwall.

M58 Magnolia campbellii Landicla M58

Very large and beautiful deep-pink flowers.

M59 Magnolia Princess Margaret M59

Outside shading from red purple and inside cream tinged with red purple. (campbellii var. Alba x sargentiana var. robusta?) FCC.

3 3 2
M60 Magnolia campbellii Queen Caroline M60

Red-purple flowers on the outside, paler inside when fully opened.. Registered by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. AM

M61 Magnolia campbellii var. alba Strybing White M61

Campbellii selection from Strybing. Attractive foliage, outer tepals turn down.

M62 Magnolia campbellii Trengwainton M62

(F2 from Kew`s Surprise). Pretty.

M63 Magnolia campbellii Veitch M63

Probably the most widely distributed white form.

M64 Magnolia campbellii Hybrid A M64

Very large pink flowers. Selected by Sir Peter Smithers.

M65 Magnolia campbellii Hybrid B M65

A good pink. Selected by Sir Peter Smithers.

M66 Magnolia campbellii Hybrid C M66

Flowers in a fine self pink. Selected by Sir Peter Smithers.

M67 Magnolia campbellii var. Alba M67

A beautiful creamy-white form with large open tulip-shaped blooms. FCC.

M68 Magnolia campbelliii var. mollicomata Alba Borde Hill M68

Pure white, cup and saucer shaped. Forrest collection

M69 Magnolia campbellii var. alba Caerhays White Clone M69

Cup shaped, 12 tepaled, ivory white flowers. FCC 1951

M70 Magnolia campbellii var. alba Chyverton M70

A good white cultivar.

M71 Magnolia campbellii var. alba Sir Harold Hillier M71

A quite superb white. (campbellii var. alba)

6 1 2
M72 Magnolia campbelliii var. mollicomata Bernie Hollard M72

Rich pink toned rose-lavender cup and saucer. A compact dome-shaped tree.NZ selection.

M73 Magnolia campbelliii var. mollicomata Lanarth M73

Large cupped blooms of deep lilac-purple produced in late winter/early spring. Medium-sized narrowly pyramidal habit. No. F25655 FCC

2 3 2
M74 Magnolia campbelliii var. mollicomata Lanhydrock M74 1
M75 Magnolia campbellii var. alba Maharanee M75

A superb form of Todd Gresham with large , perfectly symmetrical, white flowers.

M76 Magnolia campbellii var. mollicomata Peter Borlase M76

Has a superb unusual colour of deepest rose with pale broad band along centre of petal. Seedling from campbellii var. mollicomata.

M77 Magnolia campbellii var.mollicomata Sidbury M77

Deep rose shaded purple. Excellent.

2 2 2 3
M78 Magnolia campbellii var.mollicomata Treve Holman M78

Deep rose pink, with red-purple shading. (campbellii var. mollicomata x sargentiana var. robusta).

1 1 3 1
M79 Magnolia campbellii Wakehurst M79

Cup-shaped nearly pure red flowers, outstanding.

M80 Magnolia mollicomata Werrington M80

Large blue purple flowers. Eye-catching colour. No. F25655

9 4 2 13 5
M81 Magnolia mollicomata Burncoose white M81 1
M82 Magnolia campbellii Elisabeth Holman M82

M. campbellii var. mollicomata 'Lanarth' x M. sargentina var. robusta

M83 Magnolia cylindrica M83

Wild Collection

M84 Magnolia cylindrica Wild Collection M84

Wild Collection

M85 Magnolia cylindrica M85

Tulip-shaped pure white elongated flowers, tinged rose-pink at the base. AM, AGM.

M86 Magnolia cylindrica Hohman M86

Kehr selection

M87 Magnolia dawsoniana M87

beautiful, large, fragrant, rose colored flowers having many tepals. AM